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Pinch is out of town during Pride this year so this is our slightly delayed food & wine-fuelled celebration of diversity and those that embrace and support the wonderful rainbow of people we have in Amsterdam. All are welcome - share with your LGBTQ friends and advocates! 

Menu - €35 per person
Red: Korean beef dumpling with gochujang bbq sauce and cucumber
Orange: Carrot-ginger-coconut soup with Thai red curry dumplings
Yellow: 'Merican Chicken & Dumplings with a miso-curry twist
Green: Coriander & lime rice cake topped with Avocado and crispy shiitake bacon
Purple: Porkbelly Tostada with purple cabbage
Blue: TBD! 

Want to join us? 
RSVP on Facebook AND email megan@pinch-sum.com to secure your spot!! (No email, no soup for you!)