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This dumpling workshop will be unlike any other you've done, you won't just make dumplings from a recipe - you'll CREATE dumplings. We'll be blending old with new in this workshop by paying homage to the traditional pork dumpling and then throwing the rules out the window for the 'wildcard' dumpling. 

Traditional pork dumpling - Not only are these delicious, but this will provide a basic structure of a dumpling, which we'll use to create 'the wild card' dumpling. 

Wildcard dumpling - Based on what was learned when making the traditional pork dumpling, we'll use that same structure for the wild card dumpling. We will choose a flavour profile beforehand but there is NO recipe. It will be up to the participants to decide quantities of ingredients. Like any good chef, we'll taste as we go to determine if a little 'Pinch of this, pinch of that,' is necessary to finish off this totally unique, sure to be delicious dumpling! 

This will all culminate in a delicious dinner with fellow workshop goers, complete with some of Pinch's favourite dumplings and salads and some bubbly to celebrate your newly created dumpling! Not a bad way to spend a Friday night! 

40 euros per person

You are welcome to bring anything else you'd like to drink! We're also happy to do private workshops for 8-16 people so get in touch if you'd like to arrange something special! megan@pinch-sum.com

Get Pinched!