Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. I expect this is a result of the excessive amount of food and drink and the plethora of cooking fodder for the next day. Want an idea for what to do with leftovers, other than eat them straight out of the Tupperware? Look no further!

Turn them into DUMPLINGS.

Our friends at Wikipedia define a dumpling as, “a broad classification for a dish that consists of small pieces of dough (made from a variety of starch sources), often wrapped around a (meat or vegetable) filling." Almost every culture seems to have their own variation of a dumpling. For simplicity's sake, I suggest you grab some pre-made gyoza or wonton wrappers. If T-giving hasn't exhausted you, you could always make a simple wheat and hot water dough! 

The filling:

The beauty of dumplings is that you can fill them with ANYTHING. You aren’t limited to pork, prawn and soy sauce. What is important is that the filling isn’t too wet and that there is something that holds it all together, otherwise it’s a pain to try and wrap (imagine trying to put a salad in a dumpling). 

Thanksgiving staples:

What exactly is on each Thanksgiving table will vary but it’s not really Thanksgiving without the following items: Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables. (My Thanksgiving always includes a turkey wrapped in bacon, green bean casserole, and a cheese plate)

Grab those leftovers and get wrapping! There are no hard and fast rules here so if you are looking for a recipe, you've come to the wrong place. To get your started though, I've listed some combo suggestions with the ingredients in order of volume but adjust to your taste/item availability:

Turkey + vegetables + stuffing + potatoes + cranberry (the whole shebang)

Green bean casserole (or any veg) + stuffing + gravy

Turkey + stuffing + cranberry

Turkey + vegetables + potatoes

Variations of my Thankgsgiving staples

Turkey + cranberry sauce + brie

Turkey + bacon or sausage + sweet potato

Turkey + brie + bacon + potato

Potato + cheese

Sweet potato + goat cheese

*If you are extra adventurous, consider adding a curry paste, chipotle peppers, red onion marmalade, truffle oil…anything that you love in your cupboard can be used to pimp the dumplings more! 

I'd love to know what you come up with! Comment here or take a pic and share with Pinch on facebook. 

I hope the dipping sauce is obvious… LEFTOVER GRAVY and cranberry sauce!


Wrapping Instructions:

Ensure vegetables and turkey are chopped into small pieces (about the size you would chop an onion).

Place ingredient combination in a bowl and mix by hand. If the mixture isn’t sticking together or feels too wet, add mashed potato or stuffing.

Once mixed, add approximately 1 Tablespoon of filling to the centre of a gyoza wrapper.

Dip your finger in water (or whisked eggs if using wonton wrappers), wet ½ of the edge of the gyoza wrapper.

Fold the other side of the wrapper to the wet side, being sure to press out any air around the filling.

Pinch the edges together


Cooking instructions:

Warm a pan on medium heat, add a splash of oil. Once headed up, add the dumplings and brown on one side. Once brown, add a ½ cup of water and put the lid on the pan. Steam for about 4 minutes. Dip in gravy or cranberry sauce and enjoy!