Hi there!

Welcome to the first of many poorly thought-out blog post, brought to you by Pinch (or more specifically, me, Megan).  There will be two arms to the blog - one will focus on entrepreneurship and the trials and tribulations of it; the other focus (I use "focus" lightly) will be on pretty much anything I bloody well feel like. Expect to see my dietician/MS in public health side, my foodie side and my moaning/whiney side.  

I'm writing this blog for a number of reasons, first and foremost: 

  1. Google told me to. 
    • www.pinch-sum.com doesn't reveal itself on the first, second or even third page of a google search for "dumplings+amsterdam." I hear blogging might help! 
  2. As a new entrepreneur, there were plenty of times where I couldn't find the information I was seeking. I hope to serve as a resource. 
  3. Who doesn't want a chance to brain dump!?

That's all I'll subject you to for now...if you have any blog posts you want to see, topics you want discussed, leave them in the comments!