Looking for a partner to cater your event? 


Looking for a partner to cater your event? 

Our 'comfort-chic' style will leave the guests satisfied and inspired, and the host with compliments abound. Food with a twist is our M.O. and we specialise in events featuring bites/hapjes, walking dinners, and family style dining and crew meals.  Our unique brand of catering has been enjoyed everywhere from corporate events and product launches, to art exhibitions and private parties. 


Below is a snapshot of the dishes we have available for private catering – of course, we can also tailor the menu specifically to your event’s requirements. Gluten-free? Vegan? Dairy-free? No problem - Pinch is run by a dietician so we understand dietary restrictions and make sure EVERY guest is accommodated. Interested to find out more? Get in touch!





- Holiday Menu - 

- Salmon Wasabi Cucumber Bites
- Cheesy Sriracha Cups
- Barbacoa Beef Bowls
- Hoisin Tacos
- Mocha Truffles

**Holiday Special**
Let us take care of the hard work - we'll prepare and deliver the menu, ready for serving. Minimum 10 people. Contact us for a quote! 



— Dumplings
— Fresh spring rolls
— Smoked salmon blini
— Truffled egg blini
— Lettuce wraps
— Mini goat cheese tarts
— Asian-style meatballs
— Stuffed mushrooms
— Cucumber hummus cups
— Cucumber & avocado spirals
— Avocado mousse tartlets
— Charcuterie board
— Dates with cream cheese

IMG_3135 edit.jpg

 Walking dinner

— Goose rillette with bread
— Mushroom & truffle paté
— Carrot soup with dumplings
— Hoisin duck tacos
— Thai fishcakes
— Creamy chipotle pasta
— Mini Beef barbacoa bowls
— Mac & cheese with bacon
— Mushroom risotto
— Mini hoisin Buddha bowls
— Jackfruit carnitas
— Lemongrass chicken skewers
— Lamb meatballs with harissa
— Crispy potato clouds
— Pulled pork with jalapeño crumble


Lunch boxes

— Hoisin buddha boxes (chicken or tofu)
— Goat cheese quiche & salad
— Lamb-harissa meatballs with couscous
— Barbacoa beef with rice & guac
— Ginger-carrot soup with Thai dumplings
— BBQ chicken salad with ranch dressing
— Smoked salmon wraps with salad
— Lemongrass chicken banh mi
— BBQ "pork" buddha box (V - jackfruit)
— Thai fishcakes with peanut salad
Contact us for SPECIAL Thanksgiving Boxes!!!


Family style & crew meals

— Coq au vin with roast potatoes
— Baked pasta bolognese & antipasto
— Mezze with falafel, hummus, roast vegetables
— Hoisin chicken tacos with Asian salad
— Beef tacos with rice, guacamole
— Smoked salmon frittata with beet salad
— Chicken & hasselback sweet potatoes
— Pulled pork with corn & coleslaw (V optional)
— Stuffed peppers topped with mozzarella
— Beef bourguignon with truffle potatoes