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Dumplings. Done Differently.


Dumplings. Done Differently.

global flavours, made in Amsterdam. 

We don’t claim to have invented the dumpling, but we do claim to have re-invented it several times over. We pinch a bit of bobotie from South Africa, a dash of Buffalo sauce from the US, a dollop of mango chutney from India -- You name it, we'll use it in our dumplings. Pinch isn't for the purists -- our dumplings are as non-traditional as you'll get. But we think traditions are there to inspire creativity, not to limit us. 

Dumplings are known around the world by different names. Japanese gyoza, Chinese jiaozi or xiaolongbao, to Polish pierogi, Russian pelmeni, Turkish manti and even Italian ravioli! We simply say Pinch dumplings are quality ingredients packed with unexpected global flavours, wrapped in a delicious, thin dough.


I started making dumplings for 3 reasons

Life is too short for boring dumplings - I found there was a lack of daring dumplings around and made it my mission to change that!

Get the good stuff in ya' - Lots of veggies, lean, high-welfare meat and no industrial fatty/starchy additives. Just look at our ingredient list - you’ll see what we mean.

Go Green - It was ridiculous to buy dumplings made CONTINENTS away when the raw produce was available locally.

Megan Vasko
Founder of Pinch Dumplings