Dumplings. Done Differently.


Dumplings. Done Differently.

global flavours, made in Amsterdam. 

We don’t claim to have invented the dumpling, but we do claim to have re-invented it several times over. We pinch a bit of bobotie from South Africa, a dash of Buffalo sauce from the US, a dollop of mango chutney from India -- You name it, we'll use it in our dumplings. Pinch isn't for the purists -- our dumplings are as non-traditional as you'll get. But we think traditions are there to inspire creativity, not to limit us. 

Pinch's creations are made in Amsterdam, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible with all of our meat coming from our local butcher. That's where the local part ends, because our flavours are global and diverse like the people of Amsterdam. Join us at one of Pinch's pop-up events -- from beer pairings to 6-course meals and everything in between.

Eat something different.